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Global Entertainment & Media Ltd.
Under construction

Introduction - The World Is Global's Market

Global Entertainment & Media, Ltd is a “modular” enterprise consisting of several divisions: each capable of generating revenues of their own merit, but also, lending themselves to synergistic relationships with the company’s other divisions.

Essentially, Global is doing what all successful franchise companies have done: taking proven, highly successful business models and launching them in new markets.

These markets are global, and consisting of billions of people.

The businesses in which the company is currently engaged is Online Social Video Gaming. It is the company's goal to enter the Entertainment Media and TV On Demand Networks business.

Additionally, Global is not starting from scratch: many of the pillars of the foundation necessary to enter into these businesses are already in place and in operation.

Global isn’t just another big idea: it’s a host of projects in different stages of progress. Some of them are in the research stage, some in design, some in development, some in implementation, and some of them are already operational businesses.

Each of these projects is being implemented by a division within the company that is headed up by executives with both experience and success in each of these respective industries.

So, what are this projects anyway…? And what makes them so lucrative?

The Most Important Project, and The Most Significant Long Term Goal.

The main goal of this enterprise: to create a library of entertainment content, available to the majority of the world's population, who are starved for world-class entertainment delivered to them in their homes and in their native languages and dialects! This priceless library of entertainment assets will have a long-term potential of generating $30 billion a year in sales and a potential value of assets anywhere from $40 to $50 billion in twenty to thirty years.

Online Social Video Games Developer.

Proprietary Online Video Games that produce revenues consistently. is the company’s video game division and specializes in digital interactive entertainment where gamers can play together with real world friends and family using the infrastructure built by social networks. Players from around the world play Bigideastech’s games already. Bigideastech’s online services are delivered through internet connected consoles, personal computers, mobile phones and tablets. Bigideastech’s games include: The Mafia, Crime, Terror-Strike, Gnome Wars, War vs. Pimps and Ghetto Wars. These games are available on a number of global platforms that include Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and Orkut and many other Social Networks as well as the iPod, the iPhone and Android devices.

Bigideastech will launch the first educational video game, which will teach players to do “Web Design.” A 3D video game will be introduced shortly after the educational game. In 3 to 5 years this division could be worth billions of dollars.

Media Networks.

To translate licensed 24 hour television channels, and to connect those channels to Cable and Satellite Networks around the world… markets with almost six billion people and unlimited financial potential from networks and advertisers. These channels will represent the successful and burgeoning global market where viewers turn to see their world in their language. Our channels will provide viewers with programming they are passionate about.

Our strategic Latin American provider is on the air in Latin America with a 24 hour channel with a format of sports, music, fashion and lifestyle. This channel is being broadcasted via Latin American Cable and Satellite Networks, which are reaching nearly 650 million people in 44 Latin American and Caribbean countries.

We will translate this channel and connect it to Cable and Satellite Networks in China, India, Eastern Europe and 14 former Soviet Union countries with populations of nearly four billion viewers. Revenues just from this one franchising opportunity can reach tens of billions a year.

We will be negotiating with owners of TV channels in various geographical and foreign language markets for licensing rights and we will be taking advantage of our contacts in the global Cable and Satellite Networks Industry to translate these channels to other languages, and then connect these channels to Cable and Satellite Networks in other geographical and foreign language markets.

We are also looking to format, package and start brand new channels, by obtaining content from various content providers. There are numerous opportunities in formats for new programming channels. For example: nature, travel, history, documentaries, educational programs and many others created in one language and culture, have ready, willing and able audiences of other languages and cultures.
Terror Strike
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Ghetto Wars
Ghetto Wars a Crime Fighting Style Game on MySpace, Login Today and Get Free Ghetto Points Ghetto Wars On MySpace
More Information  

Aces of Acts weaves an aquatic tapestry of artistry, theatrical romance and surrealism in the Cirque production.

Ethnic TV-ON-Demand Ifrastructure.

Our a TV-On-Demand Network will be streaming television programming and movie content to our subscribers’ computers and TV sets around the world. With almost seven billion people today, this business model has unlimited financial potential.

Our business model has several advantages that significantly distinguish it from traditional TV-On-Demand platforms such as NETFLIX, in that, our platform gives subscribers the opportunity to see almost 1 million Public Domain television programs and films in ethnic languages.

In addition to providing Public Domain content to our ethnic subscribers, Global’s business model replicates that of our European TV-On-Demand provider, which provides with software, hardware, computer programming support and other technological advancements.

Our strategic provider is streaming to its millions of Eastern Europe subscribers around the world, a library of television content consisting of archives with an inventory of over than 380,000 films and other TV programs.

The streaming is being implemented by using streaming technology and streaming servers in more than 100 data centers strategically located on six continents and in many countries around the world.

Our strategic provider’s content library consists of TV Programs and feature films, most created by Eastern European television companies for the past 20 years. However, subscribers can also see all of today’s television programs from most of the Eastern European TV channels, as soon as broadcasting of the programs are completed on the TV channels.

The following are the content categories, subcategories and a number of programs specifically in those categories and subcategories: The archives consist of:

News category with 70,013 programs.

Music category with 12,863 programs.

TV Shows category with 31,053 programs, and subcategories such as:

•     Music TV Shows (526)
•     Reality show (333)
•     Humorous TV shows (665)
•     Cooking TV show (3221)
•     Sports television show (130)
•     Talk shows 8855

TV Programs category with 137,886 programs, and subcategories such as:

Education (1987)
• Humor (9110)
• Health (4607)
• Religion (1400)
• Entertainment (1861)
• Esoteric, Occultism, Mysticism (993)
• Political (6437)
• Culture, Arts (12 212)
• Documentary (5320)
• Military (323)
• TV game (6423)
• Animals, Nature, Travel (4479)
• Science and Technology (2108)
• Cooking (101)
• Social (2770)
• Criminal (8599)
• Information (60 391)
• Education (3967)
• Interior design, Fashion (2112)

Dramas category with 1,339 programs, and subcategories such as:

•    Tragicomedy (37)
•     Ballet (94)
•     Drama (677)
•     Operetta, musical (41)
•     Comedy (259)
•     Solo performances (38)
•     Opera (79)
•     Children's shows (28)

Cartoons for Adults category with 508 programs.

TV Soaps and Series category with 55, 207 programs, and subcategories such as:

•     Action (2320)
•     Horror (209)
•     Biography (379)
•     TV Story (355)
•     Music (499)
•     Children (1043)
•     Detective (12 485)
•     Mystery (1558)
•     Military (1130)
•     Comedy (9582)
•     Science Fiction (326)
•     Other (20)
•     Criminal (8504)
•     Adventure (4996)
•     Drama (12143)
•     Tragicomedy (130)
•     Fantasy (261)
•     Thriller (1326)
•     Historical (2026)
•     Romance (28 805)
•     Sitcom (2938)
•     Fairy Tale (56)

Music Recordings category with 249 programs.

Sports category with 48, 990 programs, and subcategories such as:

•     Soccer (19 072)
•     Billiards (203)
•     Shooting (157)
•     Rugby (186)
•     Triathlon (9)
•     Skiing (221)
•     Water Sports (879)
•     Hockey (1627)
•     Boxing (775)
•     Basketball (785)
•     Athletics (350)
•     Pentathlon (31)
•     Winter Sports (626)
•     Badminton (60)
•     Tennis (654)
•     Fighting (477)
•     Volleyball (599)
•     Gymnastics (124)
•     Figure skating (165)
•     Chess (268)
•     Equestrian (1)
•     Auto Racing (3141)
•     Martial Arts (918)
•     Handball (125)
•     Latin Dance (31)
•     Biathlon (476)
•     Cycling (76)

Feature Films category with 12,554 movies, and subcategories such as:

•     Action (782)
•     Horror (226)
•     Historical (966))
•     Romance (2795)
•     Tragicomedy (173))
•     Tragicomedy (173)
•     Fairytale (288)
•     Detective (838)
•     Mystery (163)
•     Biography (376)
•     Feature Film Story (499)
•     Music (526)
•     Children (725)
•     Crime (634)
•     Adventure (1475)
•     Military (724)
•     Arthouse (157)
•     Science Fiction (335)
•     Short Films (141)
•     Thriller (705)
•     Western (115)
•     Comedy (2729)
•     Fantasy (106)

Documentary Films category with 20,944 films, and subcategories such as:

• Historical (5238)
• Animals, Nature, Travel (92)
• Psychological (1067)
• Military (1408)
• Scientific and educational (31)
• Biography (5871)
• Cultural and educational (385)
• Other (6357)
• Criminal (548)

Cartoons, Movies, and Children's Programs category with 10,789 programs, and subcategories such as:

 • Children's Programs (4875)
 • Children's series (145)
 • Animation (2453)
 • Cartoons (2920)
 • Children's films (211)

First and foremost, our business model consists of the availability of the archive and providing an extensive programming selection to our subscribers. Therefore, a requirement of the terms of our Production Sharing Agreements with domestic and foreign television, production and distribution companies is the placement of their entire content inventory into our distribution channels; and making it available for purchase to our subscribers, regardless of its perceived value, popularity, age or the date of broadcast, perceived value, popularity or age.

With this unique and popular business model we hope to avoid competition in United States and other markets with the Netflix’s of the world, which are competing for popular movies with everyone else.

Our strategic provider has proven “that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” by charging $50.00 U.S. to its millions of subscribers per month for the right to watch this very extensive library, with half of the revenue going to content providers.

With this business model will provide it’s ethnic subscribers with a greater supply of television programming than any other company providing access to TV content via internet connectivity. In addition to almost a million of public domain programs available IN THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGES, constant renewal and high quality broadcast signals will enable viewers to watch everything from the latest news, series, melodramas, comedies, detective stories, documentaries and cartoons … to every 20 year old news program, educational or any other program or movie. Our technological delivery and database system will prove to be necessary, informative and beneficial to most people. For example: subscribers will be able to search every program that was broadcast for the past 20 years for a specific title name, or for content in the description of the program, theme, director, producer, writer, actor and etc.

With 95 percent of the world population... People who speak other langauages than English, as subscribers.... catering to ethnic viewers, is potentially a multi-billion dollar TV-On-Demand business.

Extreme Cirque Productions & Guerrilla Marketing.

Design, develop and implement marketing tours in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, China and India in stadiums as venues for 4 hour Cirque style productions combined with extreme sports and popular music. Our Production Sharing partner, Aces of Acts, the Las Vegas, nationwide and international award winning Cirque style Production Company specializes in offering exceptionally unique Cirque theatrical productions for exclusive special events and corporate entertainment. Our partners’ client base is comprised of Fortune 500 companies and global conglomerates.

Aces of Acts’ creative team supplies the talent, designs acts, creates costumes and music for many Cirque Style Shows and production companies and receives proposals from the Moscow Circus, Cirque Du Soleil and major production shows in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Chicago, Nashville, Honolulu, Macau, Singapore, Moscow, London, Paris, Milan, Osaka and Berlin. This division can generate a few billion dollars a year in revenue: as well as promoting and marketing our TV channels,, etc.

Content Acquisition and Development.

FANTASM Studio Entertainment and FANTASM Production Division to acquire entertainment content, content owners and content producers as well as to create new content, at no cost to shareholders, by selling licensing rights for produced content to other domestic, international and foreign TV companies, Cable and Satellite Networks, TV-ON- Demand internet distribution platforms, and also, by selling Product Placement to businesses who want to market and advertise their products and services in the content produced by our studios’ in its television shows, movies, video games, and in any other entertainment content, which was, produced, packaged, formatted, recorded or obtained via licensing of rights by Global. The goal of this division is to accumulate billions of dollars in entertainment assets over the next 20 to 30 years..

And finally:


Global Entertainment & Media, Ltd. plans to go public within the next six months… and… two of its subsidiaries plan to go public within 12 months. And another two subsidiaries plan to go public within 36 month. When this occurs we are absolutely convinced that Global Entertainment & Media, Ltd.s’ common stock will have all the ingredients to greatly appreciate in value and all of our shareholders will be handsomely rewarded.

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Forward-Looking Statements

This information contains certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933. These forward-looking statements involve certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ, including, risks related to our ability to attract and retain subscribers, the risk that television viewers and subscribers in other countries may not behave as we predict. Our ability to manage our growth, may impact our operating margins, operating constraints or difficulties and such other risks as identified in the RISK FACTORS.

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